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Rather than a "traditional" testimonial page, this is more just feedback I have received from various clients in the St. Louis area. I pasted them straight from emails people have sent me.

These all look great, good job as always - Ken

Thank you so much Eric! These look beautiful! - Kathryn J.

I just looked at it. Nice work!!! I am thrilled and impressed beyond words! Thank you for your dedication to excellence! - Jeffrey

It looks awesome. Yes, they are making changes as we speak so I will get you updates soon. The graphics are great!!! - Amy

Thank so much! Everyone LOVES the Logo you designed. - Kelly K

This looks awesome - J. Willis

These are AMAZING!!!! I LOVE them. I loved your T-shirts too! I just sent Micki a few changes, When you get them, the “of” part I was talking means the of in our name needs to be lowercase, not smaller. I worded it wrong, Back to the postcards. We are going to use them all eventually but for now can you make the changes to one that has the group sitting outside that you picked. It is super pretty - AH

Dude, that’s tight! Even has an international feel! - G. Roth

Thanks so much Eric! You do fantastic work! - MH

You're knocking it out of the park this month, all of them are awesome, this one though...WOW!!! The background is stunning, thanks for finding it... WOW!!! Could you please list "by Marie Cook". Thank you, thank you, -Tom

Eric, I DO like this one BETTER! If not too late, I think this is the best choice for the article! (If you had to decide before 5pm, I apologize, and don't worry about it). But this one is brighter and clearer, and I really, really like it! Thanks again! You work wonders with the photos! Best, -Nancy

Eric, This looks absolutely fantastic!!! Love it, love it, love it! I’ll have the photo credits and captions hopefully by the end of the weekend, along with the final article to go into the magazine. Thanks so much for your hard work!!!

Hi Eric Great job. You are really good! Please send the ad and I'll get it to the client for approval. - Rick

The draft is for content and general lay-out, but please work your magic with the ad design. The closer you come to the look, style, colors, etc. of their attached brochure, the happier Dr. Vanaria will be.

Did I make your head spin with the 5x7 card that I want to do? If so lets discuss. Hey I am really thankful that we met. You have been so helpful and accommodating. Thanks, J

OMG love it. Wow you are really getting good. Well I know you have always been good but you are really getting our brand! Let me see what the girls think in the am. Thank you, -JE

Please make sure it is a nice weight T-shirt. Thanks for referring Eric to us, he is terrific. Are we still on track for a couple of the Open House apparel items to be delivered on the 24th? -DM

Remember me? You helped with my banners last week? My CEO absolutely loved them so I wanted to get some pricing from you on some of our other artwork for slicks, lead cards, etc. How should I go about doing so? Getting prices and such? -AH

Hello, I was given your contact information from Robin and Jill. I was hoping to order my class shirts from you this year! I have loved their designs the last few years. -SC