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Global Warming

Global Warming

I wonder is the sun hotter than a modern day hydrogen bomb?
Moon River

Moon River

With Links provided to beautiful pictures of the moon courtesy of NASA.
Statue of Liberty

Liberty Under Pressure

Took the idea from the opening of Planet of the Apes movie, the old one.
Self Portrait

Ring of Fire

I built this one from a self-portrait i drew in college. I stole the name from Johhny Cash, RIP John.
Surreal Graphic

Passage to Bangkok

We're on the train to Bangkok, ... aboard the Thailand Express.
Iceberg Photo

Iceberg from Baghdad

Made this one during time of Gulf War. God bless our veterans who fought so bravely there.
El Capitan Rock Climbing

Time on El Capitan

Rock climbers are some of the bravest and craziest people on the planet. My hats off to them.

Darwin's Revenge

I suppose Darwin believed life initially came from the ocean but he would be surprise to see this guy.
Team Member Name

Art Imitates Art

Which came first art or life? Remember art is only what your eye tells your brain is there.

Collection of Photoshop collages ive done , mostly for fun and in my spare time but was also how i learned Photoshop. A little odd and most are really old, has been a long time since i've had the luxury of spare time:) Just something i enjoy and like sharing. They are created entirely with Adobe Photoshop and can be printed on large format poster stock at any size you like. We can frame them or gallery wrap them for you as well. We also convert photographs to oil painting texture and gallery wrapped. They can also be framed.

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